Company strategy and vision

Our mission is to provide extensive mobility and travel services with a sustainable approach and satisfied employees!

Nomago is TOP2

We are committed to providing a superior standard of service, positioning us at the forefront of the transportation sector. With more than 1,200 dedicated employees and a network of over 500 partners worldwide, we are a synonym for reliable, quality, and sustainable travel services, catering to both routine and seamless experiences, as well as uncharted and thrilling journeys.


Our core values are embedded in everything we do. We prioritize sustainability in both mobility and operations, emphasizing long-term goals and partnerships over short-term benefits.


We are dedicated to our responsibility to employees and passengers, ensuring safety, stability, reliability, and efficiency in all areas of our business.


We guarantee connectivity through responsible and transparent communication, embracing an understanding of our diverse community while prioritizing teamwork, trust and respect. We showcase our commitment through activities in the areas of corporate social responsibility, human resources management, and customer support.


Our strong emphasis on the commitment of the entire company enables us to work together with innovation and creativity, achieving even the most ambitious plans. We consider the success of each individual as the success of the entire team.

Presence in three markets

Connectivity is an important aspect of our work, leading us to expand our activities and services to neighboring countries. We are a major provider of transport services in Croatia and Italy, facilitating excellent transport connections between these countries and Slovenia.

Nomago's vision for the future

As travel experts, our commitment is to expand our public transport and travel network globally. We aim to continue investing in the development of new mobility concepts and enhancing social responsibility in all areas. Our goal is to maintain and achieve new sustainability standards while providing high-quality services for our passengers.

Nomago in figures

More than 1200 employees

With more than 1200 dedicated employees, we are a synonym for reliability, quality and sustainability.

Nomago in figures

More than 2 million satisfied passengers per year

Enjoy the reliability and comfort of our services, which have attracted more than 2 million satisfied passengers each year. We take pride in our excellent service, which positions us at the forefront of transportation providers. 

Nomago in figures

More than 500,000 tickets sold

Over the past few years, Nomago Travel has evolved into one of the leading agencies specializing in airline tickets, travel, business travel, and accommodation.

Nomago in figures

More than 28,000 Nomago Bikes users

We have launched Nomago Bikes, the international e-bike rental system, in Slovenia. Currently, our bike rental systems are used by more than 28,000 users.

Our goal is to help create a better future.  

New mobility concepts

We have introduced a public e-bike rental system to Slovenia, and we are encouraging more car sharing, consistently introducing smart eco-transport, and exploring new forms of mobility.

We support public transport

Our 50:1 initiative assumes that one full bus removes 50 cars from the road. By providing secure, high-quality, and on-time services, as well as express services connecting major cities, we contribute to the promotion of increased use of public passenger transport.

Green tourism scheme

We actively participate in initiatives that promote an innovative, climate-neutral circular economy and green technologies,  collaborating closely with municipalities, schools, and NGOs.

Sustainable development management

We regularly provide training sessions on environmental protection, raise awareness among both passengers and employees, actively participate in local labor recruitment, and provide support to communities and suppliers in the surrounding area.

Get to know us

Nomago is Slovenia's largest tour operator. With us, your travels will be more than mere journeys - comfort comes first and every part of way is a delightful experience.

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