Sustainable mobility

Choose Nomago and join us in our commitment to making travel as responsible and sustainable as possible, no matter where your journey takes you!

Sustainable mobility has been an integral part of our operations from the very beginning. In our pursuit of co-creating a better future, we consistently achieve new milestones in sustainable mobility, setting benchmarks for sustainable road and air transport operations.

Efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and care for the environment have been integral to our daily practices since the start. We are working to reduce our environmental impact by embracing eco-friendly mobility approaches, such as promoting and implementing public transport, e-bike rental, airport shuttle services, and investing in electric vehicles for transport services.

Embracing sustainable mobility

Developing new mobility concepts

Nomago is committed to prioritizing sustainable mobility. Acknowledging our role in an industry capable of making a substantial impact on reducing carbon footprints and alleviating traffic congestion, our primary objective is to promote public transport and introduce smart eco-transport and new forms of mobility.

We own or manage more than 20 bus stations throughout Slovenia, aiming to progressively transform them into local mobility hubs

Our sustainable mobility concepts also (in)directly contribute to the development of a comprehensive transport strategy for cities. One such instance is Nomago Bikes, the modern public bike rental system that we have introduced in Slovenia.

Promoting public passenger transport

An environmentally friendly initiative - fewer cars for the benefit of all

Nomago consistently contributes to the promotion of increased use of public passenger transport. We achieve this goal by offering safe, high-quality, and on-time regular and express services between major cities - we provide direct connections between eight Slovenian cities and Ljubljana, making it an excellent option for daily commuters to the capital. 

We are proud to be a part of the Integrated Public Passenger Transport system (IJPP), offering a unified ticket system covering the entire Slovenia, which includes a wide range of options to travel from point A to B and simplifies everyday journeys. This approach not only makes the journey more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective.

Promoting the use of alternative forms of transportation significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Join our 50:1 initiative, where one full bus removes up to 50 vehicles from the road. We support public passenger transport and encourage you to use it too! 

Green tourism scheme

Proudly contributing to a sustainable Slovenia

We actively participate in initiatives promoting an innovative, climate-neutral circular economy and green technologies, including in the field of mobility, such as Circular Change and the Center for Energy Efficient Solutions.

We are involved in Strategic Innovation and Development Partnerships, particularly in the fields of tourism, sustainable mobility and smart cities. We support the activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board and other public institutions and non-governmental organisations that aim to develop Slovenia's goal to be the most sustainable country in the world.

We are also committed to establishing environmentally friendly transportation to support tourists, locals, tourist destinations and tourism providers. We are achieving this with the help of cutting-edge technology, utilization of electric vehicles in protected nature areas, and incorporation of an integrated or single-ticket system for tourists. 

Throughout the year, we actively collaborate with municipalities, schools, and NGOs, with a special emphasis on participating in the European Mobility Week project. Together, we create a stronger impression each year, inspiring new users to embrace sustainable mobility.

European environmental standards

Certifications validating our adherence to European standards for environmental protection

We proudly hold various green certifications, with ISO 14001 being one of the most prominent ones. For the tenth consecutive year, we have been acknowledged by the European Union for our commitment to sustainable mobility. ISO 14001 certification is an international standard for environmental management systems, demonstrating a company's ongoing efforts to minimize its negative impact on the environment. We are grateful recipients of various certificates in Slovenia that confirm and promote our commitment to sustainability.

We take particular pride in our internationally recognized European certifications, affirming that Nomago stands as an excellent benchmark for sustainability and a green future on the international stage.

Sustainable development management concept

Sustainable action begins with us

Our employees are actively engaged in promoting the sustainable development of our operations and business. We conduct regular training sessions on environmental protection and have initiated frequent customer satisfaction surveys. By doing so, we can tailor our services to individual needs and evolve in alignment with the optimal user experience. It is important to us that we consistently highlight our company's role in sustainable development, without misleading offers and facts. We take the safety and health of our employees and passengers very seriously.

The sustainability of any institution is also strongly linked to its relationship with the local environment. We are keen to contribute to local employment and actively support communities and suppliers in the surrounding area. We promote equal opportunities and oppose all forms of discrimination, and adhere to socially accepted norms and codes of conduct across all institutions, which significantly contributes to minimizing the impact of tourism and enhancing overall satisfaction. Our supply chain is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact, and we meticulously choose products and raw materials essential for our operations. 

Investing in a sustainable future

Making wise choices for a sustainable future

We showcase our commitment to sustainability through environmentally conscious investments. In 2023, we installed two solar power plants that successfully supply our workshops in Nova Gorica (Kromberk) and Slovenj Gradec with solar energy. Solar energy has a significant impact on electricity savings and is environmentally friendly. Prior to installation, a thorough survey was conducted to identify the most suitable buildings for our in-house solar power plant. By using our own renewable electricity source - solar panels - we have, since installing our own solar power plants up until January 2024, reduced CO2 emissions by 25,000 kg, which is the equivalent of planting 765 trees.

When buying buses, vans, and cars, we adhere to rigorous internal standards, ensuring that the vehicles are equipped with engines of the highest EURO standard which significantly contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in transport. The majority of our vehicles are equipped with telematics solutions featuring sensors to optimize journeys, making a substantial contribution to reducing the running time of our vehicles. In recent years, we have been transporting passengers using hybrid and electric vehicles, with plans to acquire new ones, primarily for intercity express lines in public passenger transport in Slovenia.

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