First choice in sustainable mobility

Promote employee health, cycle to work, advertise smart

Explore the world of sustainable mobility with our e-bikes, which are not only a means of transport, but also offer a solution to parking problems and contribute to emission reduction during the commute to the office. We offer a great opportunity for companies that want to take a step towards a brighter future, backed by solid data and measurable metrics. Discover how partnering with us not only supports sustainable mobility, but also introduces an innovative advertising approach while promoting the health of your employees.


Get an e-bike station at your location. This will increase the accessibility of your locations and visit frequency, while the e-bikes are used as a unique and mobile advertising platform increasing your brand awareness.


Opt for a unique type of advertising – your brand on e-bikes will be a unique and mobile advertising platform!


Provide both yourself and your employees with a unique and efficient commuting solution – purchase or co-fund an annual subscription to the Nomago Bikes e-bike system.

Nomago Bikes' integrated approach

Nomago Bikes is the largest e-bike rental system in Slovenia. We are present in 17 municipalities, which contributes significantly to the effectiveness of partnering with us. We ensure a high quality of service by continuously investing in equipment, 24/7 supportefficient assistance and a reliable maintenance team.

A single registration for 20 countries

The e-bike rental service Nomago Bikes was established as part of the nextbike by TIER service. A single registration with Nomago Bikes gives you access to 300 locations in 28 European countries.

Largest electric bicycle system in Slovenia

Nomago Bikes is the largest e-bike rental system in Slovenia. We are present in 17 municipalities, which contributes significantly to the effectiveness of partnering with us.

Promoting sustainable transport

The average rental time is 23 minutes and the average distance is 2.8 km.

Unique advertising platform while cycling

As many as 60% of our users notice our bikes on city streets. Our bikes provide a unique and interesting way to advertise your brand.

The Nomago Bikes app has over 28,000 users.

Make sure that your brand is associated with what really matters.

Mobility that is environmentally sound and promotes health

Reducing CO2 emissions

Electric bicycles are an environmentally friendly way of urban mobility. Whether visiting branches, going on a business meeting, promoting the health of your employees or popping out for lunch – with Nomago Bikes, you'll be actively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint and traffic congestion. Swap your car for Nomago Bikes.

Achieving your sustainability strategy

Get solid data and measurable metrics on sustainability performance of your employees and customers. Easily integrate monthly and annual Nomago Bikes usage reports into ESG monitoring and reporting based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Nomago Bikes handles everything

We are well-versed in all the key concepts of sustainable business. If you choose to partner with us, we will be happy to provide a comprehensive mobility service for your employees and customers, without the need for you to invest in equipment, care and maintenance costs.

PARTNERBike: Accessible, sustainable and visible

The Zavarovalnica Triglav insurance company recognised the potential of the PartnerBike programme and sustainable mobility. Having an electric bicycle station at their location has not only helped improve accessibility, but also emphasised their brand at the same time. By branding the station and the bikes with the company’s brand image, Triglav has created an inviting environment that attracts customers while promoting sustainable transport.

ADBike: An innovative and effective awareness-raising tool

ADBike is not just a mobile advertising platform, for Heineken, it is a driver for positive change and an innovative and effective tool for raising awareness. Through their innovative advertising, Heineken has actively spread the message of responsible drinking, pursued company sustainability vision and become active contributors to a better tomorrow.

BusinessBike: a sustainable and healthy way of transport

By installing bike stations at its location, BTC City has provided its customers and employees with a sustainable way to travel between the various shops and locations. By making e-bikes easily accessible, BTC City has promoted sustainable mobility, created a more connected experience for customers, and at the same time ensured the health and well-being of their employees.  

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