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Contribute to sustainable mobility and employee satisfaction!

Provide both yourself and your employees with a unique and efficient commuting solution – purchase or co-fund an annual subscription to an e-bike system.

BUSINESSbike services

In this way, you support sustainable mobility and efficient travel within city centres, and in addition make sure that your employees remain active! Try the BUSINESSbike service.

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Sustainable mobility and environmental awareness

  • Increased added value for your brand.
  • Highlighting your brand as a promoter of sustainability and environmental awareness.

E-bikes are simple

  • e-bikes are robust from a technical standpoint and are easy to use.
  • Compared to conventional bikes, e-bikes offer a significantly easier and less strenuous mode of travel.
  • Due to their ease of use, e-bikes provide a unique experience.

Employee satisfaction

  • You can offer employees an additional service that will contribute to their overall satisfaction.
  • Within city centres, travelling by bike is more efficient and more pleasant.


  • The BUSINESSbike system significantly reduces mobility costs – within a 5 kilometer radius, it is the fastest and cheapest means of transport.

Try out the Nomago Bikes service with a test ride!

We are happy to offer you a free 30-minute bike test.

Our partners

Join the companies that have already introduced the innovative option of financing or co-funding e-bikes to their employees.

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