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Let your brand be seen all over the city!

Opt for a unique type of advertising. Your brand on Nomago Bikes e-bikes will be a unique and mobile advertising platform across the city, and will be part of a global story about the sustainability of e-bike travel and environmental awareness.

Adbike services

If you're planning a short-term advertising campaign and want to enhance your brand awareness in an interesting way, try ADbike.

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Unique advertising platform while cycling

  • Among the flood of advertising platforms of different brands, your brand on e-bikes is bound to stand out.
  • Your brand will accompany users and passers-by as they make their way around the city, whatever the time of day.
  • As many as 60% of our users notice our bikes on city streets.

Unique advertising platform in the app

  • Publishing a banner ad on an app with over 28,000 users.
  • Make sure that your brand is associated with what really matters.

Sustainable mobility and environmental awareness

  • Increased added value for your brand.
  • Highlighting your brand as a promoter of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Effective exposure

  • The average rental time for an e-bike is 23 minutes.
  • The average distance travelled on an e-bike is 2.8 km.

Try out the Nomago Bikes service with a test ride!

We are happy to offer you a free 30-minute bike test.

Our partners

We are proud that more and more companies are opting for brand exposure on e-bikes. This is how they contribute to sustainable mobility in the city centre – why not join them?

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