Travel is our territory

Discover the perfect blend of business and leisure as we tailor-make your corporate events, meetings, incentives, and conferences.

Experts in travel 
and mobility solutions

As the largest mobility company, we redefine the way you travel. Trust us to navigate the world of travel and mobility, ensuring you reach your destination smoothly and in style. From efficient transportation to personalized mobility options, we lead the industry in innovation and convenience. 

Your satisfaction is our priority

We want to offer the best business travel service, suitable for each client - with a high rating of creativity, dedication, adaptability and professionalism, while at the same time preserving the values of natural and cultural heritage. The mission is to turn every event into an unforgettable experience.

We support local

We rely on trusted local partners and we promote small companies in the organization of tours, events and activities. To us relationships with small businesses are important in creating a cohesive, welcoming community identity, with businesses supporting each other.

We love creating green events

It’s our true passion, and it inspires how we plan events and work with our clients. We create natural opportunities through our Green Scene Method to add event elements that likely already align with the social & moral compasses of your guests – making for more resonate experiences.

Why Nomago DMC?

Choose Nomago DMC as your trusted guide for unforgettable, tailor-made journeys that cater to your desires and embark on a personalized adventure to create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.







A leading travel agency

From incentive trips to corporate events, from air to ground services: our DMC department is here to meet all your needs and take care of any kind of event, whether they are targeted to small groups or to the more demanding customers requiring elaborate projects. We excel in providing authentic local experiences through our extensive network of partners and our unparalleled attention to details and commitment to quality have earned us proud memberships in IATA and the Global Passenger Network.

Our team

Nina Skorupan
Head of DMC
Matej Mlinar
Head of Key Account
Maja Hegedič
Head of Airline Sales and Services

"Your journey here is not just a visit; it's a genuine experience. Embrace the warmth, explore the beauty, and create memories that last a lifetime."

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