Stunning Slovenia

Embark on an unparalleled journey to Slovenia, the ultimate destination that promises to elevate your incentive travel experience like never before.

A love story waiting to unfold

Embark on a journey where natural wonders meet rich history and warm hospitality. 
Discover picturesque landscapes, explore cozy towns,and indulge in authentic cuisine.
This destination promises to elevate your incentive travel experience to the next level.

Green destination

With over 60% forest cover, abundant clean water sources, and an extensive network of cycling paths, Slovenia embodies eco-friendly living. Discover organic farms, accommodations, and sustainable practices that define our devotion to a greener future.

Easy Access

Despite its small size, Slovenia offers excellent infrastructure and easy accessibility, making it a convenient destination for travelers from all over the world. Whether you're arriving by plane, train, or car, getting around Slovenia is a breeze.

Outdoor thrills

Pristine lakes, majestic mountains, and verdant forests create a breathtaking canvas. From the iconic lake Bled to the mysterious Postojna cave, these natural wonders will leave a lasting impression. Experience the awe-inspiring allure of this hidden gem.

Slovenia in numbers


Slovenia was declared first green country in the world

Slovenia was declared the first Green Country in the World at the Global Green Destinations Day in 2016. This acknowledgment highlights Slovenia's commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible tourism practices.

Slovenia in numbers

53,6 %

Extent of protected land

Slovenia after Venezuela has the highest rate of protected land in the world. Forest covers more than 60 % of Slovenia’s surface. This country is one of the greenest countries in Europe.

Slovenia in numbers

more then 10.000 km

of marked hiking trails

Diverse landscape at the crossroads of the Alps, the Pannonian Plain, the Mediterranean and the Karst provides a polygon for countless active outdoor experiences. With more than 10,000 kilometres of maintained trails, Slovenia is a paradise for hikers.

Slovenia in numbers

over 10.000 beekeepers

Slovenia is known as the “heart and soul of beekeeping” in Europe. This cultural heritage underscores the importance of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Slovenia.

Slovenia in numbers

260 waterfalls

Waterfall Wonderland

Slovenia is home to 260 waterfalls, adding to its allure as a nature lover's paradise. These cascades contribute to Slovenia's stunning scenery and attract visitors seeking natural beauty and tranquility.

Slovenia in numbers

One vineyard for every 70 people waterfalls

Slovenia has many vineyards, with a claim of one vineyard for every 70 people in the country. Despite being lesser-known for its wine production, Slovenia boasts world-class wines like Merlot, reflecting the country's rich viticultural heritage.

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