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Why Nomago?

We take pride in being awarded the title of Socially Responsible Employer 2022, which shows that our strategy is right and our future is bright. We continuously invest in new skills, awareness of social and environmental challenges, and actively listen to the wishes and needs of our employees. With a positive approach to problem-solving and an ongoing commitment to growth, together we are building the leading transport services company in Slovenia.

A trusted employer

We are certified as a Socially Responsible Employer 2022. Recognizing that the work environment is created by joint efforts of all company employees, we have established a team empowered to ensure employee growth and satisfaction.

Competitive working conditions

Employee satisfaction is our top priority. We value the input of our employees and collaborate with them to enhance working conditions and maintain a positive work-life balance.

Social responsibility

Our responsibility to society begins with our employees. Nomago employees participate in training courses and activities to promote development and knowledge.

We build a bridge between corporate social responsibility and business success through various activities focused on educating, motivating, and supporting the development of our employees. In today's world, a truly competitive and appealing company is one that thrives in harmony with and for its employees.

Benefits of working for Nomago

Working for Nomago gives you many benefits and opportunities for growth.

Training courses
We provide access to a training platform and an in-house knowledge transfer academy, allowing employees to acquire expertise in their specific field and explore other areas of interest.
Health promotion
We promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We offer employees co-financed access to Nomago Bikes, a public e-bike rental service, and organise events focused on enhancing health and well-being.
Nomago Sports Association
Nomago Sports Association is a non-profit, voluntary, and independent association of athletes and sports enthusiasts, aiming to involve and connect individuals for the purpose of sports activities. The primary objective of the association is to provide the option for regular exercise.
Use of holiday facilities
We promote quality leisure and family time by offering co-financing and special promotional prices for family members to access our holiday facilities.
Promotion possibilities
Together with its companies in Italy and Croatia, Nomago employs 1200 people. Due to our wide range of activities in different fields, we offer a wide range of career opportunities, which are primarily communicated to our employees.
The possibility of pursuing a work-life balance
Prioritizing employee satisfaction and their approach to work is of utmost importance to us. We acknowledge that excellence can only be achieved together through a positive approach to work. We invest significant effort in organising work to ensure our employees enjoy the best possible work-life balance.

Want to join our team?

We are eager to hear from inspired and curious individuals who wish to co-create the future of mobility and grow with us. To be a part of our success story, check out the job vacancies at Nomago.

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