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Increase your sales by joining our system

Are you a company offering regular and occasional airport transfers? Partnering with Nomago allows you to sell your services through our Nomago Shuttle online platform. We provide integration into our modern platform, and we can also assist you in joining the platforms of global providers.

Discover a new effective sales channel - on your own terms!

Partnering with Nomago allows you to expand the sale of your transport services through our channels. We can assist you with all the technology at our disposal. You will have access to an online platform and comprehensive technology to sell tickets directly at the shuttle entrance. Our advantage lies in the simplicity of adding transport lines to our system and the swift setup of sales on the website. There are multiple integration types, and our team will handle the process for you. You can opt to sell a specific number of seats (allotment offer) or the entire line with all seats, regardless of the date or location of the service. The decision is yours!

If you are interested in offering transport services beyond the Nomago brand, we can establish a single integration with various international marketplace platforms that we collaborate with. Choose from platforms like Omio, GetByBus, Infobus or Distribusion and we'll handle the integration! This not only provides you with a cost-effective means of implementing a single integration but also offers a valuable opportunity for a new sales channel, even on an international scale.


Our team generates a report that serves as the foundation for payment, including the commission charged for the services sold.

Selling airport shuttle services

Customers book your services via the Nomago Shuttle website or international platforms. All purchases are logged in your account, granting you complete control over the number of seats booked and revenue.

Expanding the sales network on international platforms

We also provide you with the opportunity to establish a sales network on a global scale. We can integrate you into international platforms like Omio, GetByBus, Infobus, and Distribusion without incurring any additional integration costs.

Access to the platform and our technology

We set up access to a platform where you have full control over your lines, prices, terms and conditions, and the purchases. You can also access the complete technology to provide transport services similar to our own. Our established team takes care of entering information and transport lines into the platform.

What are the benefits of working with us?

We are the leading provider of transport services in Slovenia, backed by a well-established team and operations. We consider quality, reliability, flexibility and professionalism as top priority. Collaborating with us can be a great business decision as we connect a vast network of users to our services. We are happy to work with external partners to ensure the best possible customer experience for our passengers.

Our partners

Our experienced and reliable partners are a key part of our airport shuttle network.

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