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Dodan 25.06.18 @21:06:50
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Zanimam se za najem avtomobila v Mehiki... iz renta car hiše Avant so mi posredovali tole ponudbo: Je to dejansko to kar potrebujem, vsa možna komplet zavarvanja brez odbitne franšize in brez dodatne varščine na kartici... moram biti še na kaj posebaj pozorna...

Prosim za mnenja tistih, ki obvladate oz. že imate izkušnje z najemi avtomobilov...

Dear customer:

We received your information request, thank you.
Here is the quote for the 18 day + 12 hours (1 día)= 19 días rental you request for a:
Economy, manual, VW GOL Hatchback

Rate comes with all charges included.

-Rental charge for 13 Days ($30.00 USD/day) = $ 390.00
-Insurance fee for 19 Days ($10.00 USD/day) = $ 190.00
-Federal and local taxes = $   92.80
-TOTAL TO PAY = $ 672.80  USD




  • Minimum age 25 years old.
  • Valid credit card.
  • Valid drivers license (Any country will be OK, international drivers license is not required).

Rate includes all applicable charges. Mileage is free. All federal and local taxes are included. No other charge applies except gasoline in case you deliver less amount than given. Insurance quoted covers ALL RISK (CDW, LDW, ALI, Theft and Liability) Includes EPC coverage with ZERO deductible or franchise for drivers aged over 25. No need to buy additional coverage’s.

Car is delivered at the time and place of your convenience in any hotel or location Cancun , or in Avant's office with no cost for you. Deliveries and returns in other places outside Cancun cause additional drop off charges, depending on distances. WE ATTEND RESERVATIONS FULL 24 HOURS.

No "hold" or required on your credit card as all other companies apply, affecting your cc limit.. Amount blocked on your cc will not exceed rental payment.

To reserve and confirm we will require you fill out the bookings form that appears on https://www.avantrentacar.com/bookings with all data required. You have to provide a valid cc in order to process your reservation and block vehicle for you on requested date and time. No charge will be made , we require cc only to guarantee reservation.

Payment is done when you receive vehicle and sign rental agreement. Payment can be done in Visa, Master card, or cash or via Pay Pal.

WE DO NOT charge "airport fees" or other last minute or hidden charges.

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