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Offering Ride from Amsterdam to Slovenia 23-05

Dodan 21.05.19 @11:43:02
Dee Feij | Gost | odg. 21.05.2019 @11:43 Prijavi neprimeren komentar
Offering a ride from Amsterdam to Sežana on Thursday 23-05 Driving back in a few weeks, let me know if you're interested in a ride from Slovenia to Amsterdam (Date TBC) *Pick up & drop off places are slightly flexible if on the route *Route: Amsterdam - Frankfurt - Munchen - Salzburg - Villach - Ljubljana - Sežana *Pick up & drop off places to be agreed upon *Please inform me in advance of how much luggage you'd like to take *Exact driving and arrival times can't be predicted in advance. *Generally the drive Amsterdam-Sežana takes me between 11-13 hours, depending on traffic and including pitstops
Tina988 | Gost | odg. 06.01.2020 @19:32 Prijavi neprimeren komentar
Hi, I know it’s little under a year too late, but are you by any chance planning a similar trip in February 2020 or know anyone else who is? I’m attempting to get a ride SLO-NL (specifically Amsterdam-Ljubljana, but am flexible at least to a degree about the specific city) sometime around 1.-4.2. and then going back NL-SLO around 8.-10.2. Since you’re the only person I found that did that trip last year I’d like to ask you for some direction where to find similar rides or any help regarding that at all! I thank you in advance for your reply and wish you a nice evening! Tina
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