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Oglej si seznam del, ki niso dovoljena v sklopu J-1 vize. Zaradi točnosti so našteti pogoji v angleščini – za dodatna vprašanja pa smo vedno na voljo.

Visa regulations require the job to be seasonal or temporary in nature. Visa regulations prohibit working in any job position that:

  • could bring notoriety or disrepute to the Exchange Visitor program
  • in sales positions that require participants to purchase inventory that they must sell in order to support themselves
  • in domestic help positions in private homes (e.g. child care, elder care, gardener, chauffeur, maid or housekeeper)
  • as pedicab or rolling chair drivers or operators (this includes any human-powered vehicle regardless of design or name)
  • as operators or drivers of vehicles or vessels for which a driver’s license is required, regardless of whether or not the vehicle carries passengers or not
  • in positions related to clinical care that involves any sort of patient contact
  • in ANY position in the adult entertainment industry (including, but not limited to jobs with escort services, adult book/video stores and strip clubs)
  • in positions requiring work hours that fall predominately between 10:00pm and 6:00 am
  • in positions declared hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labor at Subpart E of 29 CFR part 570. (Please refer to your Footprints account and the support section “Before Leaving Home” and download the Publication called “Prohibited Jobs due to Hazardous Activities”).
  • in positions that require sustained physical contact with other people and/or adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions Guidelines (e.g. body piercing, tattooing, massage, manicure, any cosmetology positions). Hotel housekeeping positions are permitted if the participants use general purpose utility gloves, i.e. rubber household gloves.
  • in positions that are substantially commission-based and thus do not guarantee that participants will be paid minimum wage in accordance with federal and state standards
  • in positions involved in gaming and gambling that include direct participation in wagering and/or betting
  • in positions in chemical pest control, exposure to radio-active materials, warehousing, catalogue/online order distribution centers
  • in positions with travelling fairs or itinerant concessionaires or any work activity that does not allow participants to have permanent living addresses
  • in positions for which there is another specific J category (e.g. camp counselor, intern, trainee)
  • in positions in the following industries: agriculture (both crops and raising of animals for food production); forestry and logging; fishing, hunting and trapping; mining, oil and gas extraction; manufacturing of any sort, including explosives; forest fire fighting or prevention;
  • in jobs involving the operation of power-driven woodworking machines, hoisting machines, including fork lift trucks, power-driven metal forming and shearing machines.
  • in jobs involving meat processing of any kind, including slicing machines in delicatessens
  • in jobs involving use of industrial baking equipment
  • in jobs in the construction industry including carpentry work, roofing, wrecking or demolition and excavation
  • in jobs involving use of paper-product machines, such as those used at printing companies
  • in jobs as an Ocean Life Guard

The State Department can add additional jobs to this list at any time of the year which might require you to locate a new job in order to be in compliance. Additional prohibited jobs which could be added are:

  • jobs through staffing agencies
  • door to door sales
  • industrial/commercial laundry services
  • janitorial services
  • in areas considered too remote
  • as independent contractors
  • as movers

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